© Michel Dauguet

I use my brushes, my knifes, to write a story: a story of life, motion, which means something to me.
I work with shapes, colors, opacity, brightness, transparency, shades to find the right style, my own style.
I compose a painting like a music score, on which notes come one after another, match each other, resonate, and little by little, my colors balance each other out and give me the opportunity, in a passionate gesture, to create harmonious patterns, always moved by this desire to share my work with others and give purpose to it.


I grew up following the example of my great uncle, who was an architect. I have always been eager to learn during my drawing courses which I attended with diligence and since then, I have never left the colors and the pleasure of painting. I studied at the schools of fine arts of Versailles and Caen. I had there the opportunity to meet great painters such as J.M. Zacchi, Claude Fauchère and Eric Bari, who have supported an influenced my work and my determination.

Over my trips and journeys, I portray life, the motion in the streets, at the corner of a terrace; all of these moments of the everyday life, stolen and shared with strangers, where anybody can recognize oneself, can sense feelings, and give free rein to one’s imagination. Horses are also an important element in my work and daily life: I have been living in Normandy for more than 20 years where I became familiar with the equestrian world and took interest in all the disciplines: horseball, jumping, polo, carriage driving as well as dressage.

I live close to the sea. Its atmospheres, the boats, the ports, the seascapes are part of my painting. I am always looking for something new: with colors, materials, the use of knifes, different techniques, all of this broadening my creation and allowing my compositions to fly toward the abstract, the liberty to create new worlds. Painting is like writing to me: It’s my language, color and passion are my purposes. I used to paint a lot of watercolours, and now I have found my own style with oil and acrylic painting where color can be truly powerful. I want to create, to feel and share the feelings of the day and my experiences.

After several years of watercolour painting
I use oil paints and mixed techniques on canvas and row linen.
I like to work on large sizes, even on the linen sheets of our grandmothers.

“To develop the intimate and spontaneous pleasure with the subject matters much more than a simple description of reality”


André Ruellan – art critic – about Anne Clabaux